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Flash/AS3 Web Notifications

Quick tutorial on opening Web Notifications in compatible browsers (Webkit) via as3. First download the WebNotifications.swc and include it in your project. ?View Code ACTIONSCRIPT1 import net.peteshand.utils.WebNotifications; If you want to test if the users browser is compatible simply call: ?View Code ACTIONSCRIPT1 2 3 if (WebNotifications.available){ // do something } Once you’ve checked if […]

Flash 11 Platform Game Prototype

you can view an early prototype for a platform game I’m building with flash 11, away3d and box2d below. You can view the game in action here (Warming: there is no pre-loader). I’ve been surprised at the speed in which I’ve been able to put this together and because everything is xml driven once the […]

Integrate browser scrollbar with flash – part 1

Just a quick post to demonstrate how to integrate the browsers native scrollbar with a full-page flash movie. Why? Why not… People always go on about how flash and html/javascript work well together, so thought I’d try to create something new that’s flash/javacript related. Click here to view the example in action. Right clicking anywhere […]

as3 Text To Speech plus proxy

A while back I wrote a post on a few as3 classes I wrote that would hook into googles text to speech engine (you can view the original post here). Unfortunately there was a few problems with the way it worked, first and foremost not all browsers handled the cross domain sound request the same, […]

Facebook Fanpage PSD Template 2011

Lets face it, designers sometimes need to make a mock-up that doesn’t actually exist which sometimes can be time consuming and extremely irritating. Facebook fanpages have been a very hot topic for clients recently. They are wanting to break into the social media scene. Today I’m releasing a mockup of the new 2011 Facebook Fanpage […]

Foodie Fight Facebook Quiz

To celebrate the brands London Restaurant Week campaign, we (Razorfish London) have created ‘Foodie Fight’ a mini-quiz designed to challenge peoples knowledge of all things culinary. Know your artichoke from your asparagus? Know how many Michelin Stars Marco Pierre White has? (Its 3 by the way!) If so then click on the app link below […]

MovieClip Loop Control

?View Code ACTIONSCRIPT1 2 3 4 5 6 import net.peteshand.utils.LoopCtrl; LoopCtrl.setLoops(this,3,40); // Parameters: // Target MovieClip, // Number of Loops, // Frames of end of timeline to stop at (default = 0) ?View Code ACTIONSCRIPT1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 […]

.MPO to Anaglphic or Stereo Pair JPG

I recently bought the new Fujifilm FinePix W3, it a nutshell its a camera with stereoscopic lenses (see below) which means you can shoot 3d photography and hd footage. It doesn’t stop there though, on the back of the camera you have a 3.5-inch glasses free 3d display. Without a doubt the coolest gadget I’ve […]

Performance vs filesize vs fidelity

Performance, file-size and visual/audio fidelity is something every designer and developer should consider when creating content for the web. I can remember when I first started using flash it was all about doing as many cool and complicated on-screen concoctions as possible, regardless if the frame rate slowed to a crawl. However as I and […]

Trace Event

It would be great to add a way to track trace events. when testing flash within the browser its nice to be able to see the trace output. currently there are ways to do this with plugins for firefox or air apps from De MonsterDebugger, but sometime your testing on someone elses computer who don’t […]

Circle Preloader

Here’s a nice little circle pre-loader class created recently. All you really need to do is add it to the stage and then update its percent value (between 0 and 1) on a ProgressEvent or whatever event you want really. There are also two optional values that you can set in the constructer which relate […]

Reverse Video Playback

If you’re at all familiar with video within flash you’ll know that there is no built in functionality to play a video in reverse. The reason for this is quite simple. When a video is encoded regardless of the codec or the wrapper format some frames are keyframes (iFrames) and other are in-between frames (pFrames […]

First Person Interaction For Flash Please!

Update: This feature has now been added to flash 11.2. you can read more about it here: ———————————————————————————————————- ———————————————————————————————————- While creating 3d environments within flash you are currently limited in the way you get user mouse input. In your traditional first person shooters moving the mouse will turn the view left and right, up […]

TextToSpeech Accessibility

I recently posted a TextToSpeech as3 interface class which you can view here. Basically you pass it a string and it will read it out loud. Today I’ve added an easy way to increase the accessibility of your flash microsite without having to go through the whole project adding code to every button. Simply add […]