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Starling + OpenFL

For the past 18 months I’ve been working on Haxeling (original post), a port of the popular 2D hardware accelerated framework Starling. The port has been going astonishingly well over this period and has been used on countless projects. The only thing that has bugged me throughout this period has been the fact that there […]

Haxe Away3d Starling Interoperation Example

A while back I released a sneak peek of haxe away3d starling integration being facilitate with robotlegs and a robotlegs stage3D extension. At the time I couldn’t post the source code, however 7 months on and I’ve finally be able to rework things so all required components are in publicly available haxe libraries. The following […]

Haxe Away3d Starling Interoperation Sneak Peek

NOTE: updated post can be viewed here. The following is a sneak peek of the haxe version of Starling, Away3D and Robotlegs all playing together. This example consists of fours layers: a background starling layer. then an Away3D cube layer. a Starling animated movieclip layer. and finally another Away3D cube layer. Browser not compatible. Source […]

GearVR (Oculus Mobile) running in Adobe AIR

This is a quick recording showing the 360 video example included in the GearVR (Oculus Mobile) SDK running within the Adobe AIR running on a Samsung Note 4. I don’t show moving around the 360 video in this recording, however that is simply because it only works once it is in the headset and would […]

AS3 Triangulation

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