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Starling + OpenFL

For the past 18 months I’ve been working on Haxeling (original post), a port of the popular 2D hardware accelerated framework Starling. The port has been going astonishingly well over this period and has been used on countless projects. The only thing that has bugged me throughout this period has been the fact that there […]

Haxe Away3d Starling Interoperation Example

A while back I released a sneak peek of haxe away3d starling integration being facilitate with robotlegs and a robotlegs stage3D extension. At the time I couldn’t post the source code, however 7 months on and I’ve finally be able to rework things so all required components are in publicly available haxe libraries. The following […]

Haxe Away3d Starling Interoperation Sneak Peek

NOTE: updated post can be viewed here. The following is a sneak peek of the haxe version of Starling, Away3D and Robotlegs all playing together. This example consists of fours layers: a background starling layer. then an Away3D cube layer. a Starling animated movieclip layer. and finally another Away3D cube layer. Browser not compatible. Source […]

GearVR (Oculus Mobile) running in Adobe AIR

This is a quick recording showing the 360 video example included in the GearVR (Oculus Mobile) SDK running within the Adobe AIR running on a Samsung Note 4. I don’t show moving around the 360 video in this recording, however that is simply because it only works once it is in the headset and would […]

AS3 Triangulation

We’ve recently been working with beacon technology at work. If you’re not up to date with what they are I’d suggest checking out this wikipedia article, but in a nut shell they’re little devices that periodically emit a bluetooth signal and based on the strength of said signal one can work out how far away […]

AS3 Instant Replay

Instant Replay is a small as3 service that can be used to record and playback user interactions. Simply register the display object that you wish to record/playback. ?View Code ACTIONSCRIPT3InstantReplay.register(stage); Next, when you’re ready to record interactions set the record property to true. ?View Code ACTIONSCRIPT3InstantReplay.record = true; Finally, call the play function to playback […]

XML to Typed Object Paser

The following is an example of how to use the util to quickly map data from xml into a typed object. ?View Code ACTIONSCRIPT3private var loader:URLLoader; private var exampleVO:ExampleVO;   private function init():void { exampleVO = new ExampleVO(); var url:String = "config.xml"; loader = new URLLoader(); var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url); loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, OnLoadComplete); loader.load(request); […]

Fluid Solver + Workers + AGAL = Awesomeness

The fluid solver used in the following post is based on Eugene Zatepyakin’s fluid solver, which you can read more about here. Eugene’s version is pretty damn impressive! his Alchemy version while running with 8000-9000 particles performs really well, sitting at about 50% frame budget in scout on my computer. Ever since first seeing the […]

Re: Further Adventures in AGAL

Last Week over at there was a post on AGAL and how to create an animation of a field of barley waving in the sea breeze. The post it self is informative and has lots of useful links. However after profiling it in Scout it’s obvious that there are a number of issues with the execution. While it still […]

Animated Gif Away3D 4.x Material

If I’m perfectly honest I really can’t stand animated gifs (as a format), simply because the compression is really poor and the resulting filesize is usually huge. Never the less it’s pretty university accepted on the old interwebs, so I thought it might be handy to have a fast and easy way of applying them […]

Away3d AGAL Vertex animation (Part 2)

In part 1 of this post (Which can be viewed here) I discussed various approaches to creating a AGAL vertex shader within the away3d framework. I successfully created a custom material and pass that achieved basic vertex animation, however the issue was that I wanted to apply this effect to standard materials. So I investigated using an away3d effect […]

Away3d AGAL Vertex animation

Ok, so I’m on a mission to create some sweet ass AGAL powered vertex animation that will integrate with the Away3d library. I’ve started a conversation on the away3d forum, but thought I’d create a blog post to help people understand exactly what I’m trying to achieve. One thing to note is that I’m […]

Showreel 2012

This video features projects produced by Peter J Shand during 2012 and were created in collaboration with RESN, Circul8 and Imagination. The projects all use Flash 11 stage3d technology, enabling full 1080p 60fps rendering. A big thank you goes to the many contributors of the Away3d and Starling frameworks. EDF Light Games (RESN – Wellington) […]

AS3 console.log();

tracing to the browser console via as3 just got a whole lot easier ?View Code ACTIONSCRIPTimport net.peteshand.asWindow.utils.console; console.log("trace to browser console"); Download via Github

AS3 Window

Ok, so one thing that has always bugged me about as3′s navigateToURL is its lack of control over the window that is opened, mainly that you can’t control the width and height. There are of course ways around this with javascript, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could do this from within as3, with […]

Away3D Liquid Ball

As part of one of my last projects I needed to create this interactive oil blob (as seen here, 58 seconds in). Thought I’d do a quick post showing it off and sharing the source for anyone who is interested. The environment map is of Manly Beach (Sydney) and was photographed by myself, so feel […]