Lord Howe IslandHowe’s Life Campaign

Lord Howe Island
Howe’s Life Campaign

Lord Howe Island Built in collaboration with Circul8, Lord Howe Island is a html5 microsite which encourages users to explore locations and activities that can be had on Lord Howe Island. The landing page comprises of a simple parallax interface that was created with javascript and the three.js library. Launch Site...
EDF EnergyLight Games

EDF Energy
Light Games

EDF Energy – Light Games In 2011 I worked with RESN to build the EDF Light Games, a series of 7 online sports games in French and English. We chose to reinvent the way the humble computer mouse is used for gaming – our solution, and what is believed to be an Olympic first, was to track the mouse light (or mobile phone) with a user’s webcam. For the first time, the optical light is the controller. Our technical approach was to implement sophisticated image recognition through a user’s webcam to allow control of both the games and the website itself using gestural controls of either the mouse’s own optical light or of a special mobile phone enhanced site. Taking things to the next level of awesome, in-game environmental elements such as water were represented as 3D beams of light; created using the latest in hardware accelerated shaders (which are pretty hard to build but look pretty stunning). For users whose machines pre-date social media we also built a fall back with good old software accelerated 3D, so no one’s mum would miss...
The Wool Mark CompanyWrapped In Merino

The Wool Mark Company
Wrapped In Merino

Wrapped In Merino Built in collaboration with Circul8 and GoodShape, Wrapped in Merino is a flash microsite aiming to engage users to help create the World’s Longest Social Scarf. Users are prompted to upload a photo, take a snap with their webcam or select a photo from facebook. They can then customize their portion of the scarf. The site was heavily integrated into facebook, twitter and pinterest, allowing the users to share their creation & encourage friends to join in. After the first 4 weeks over 10,000 entries had been...
Love It UpAustralia’s Most Loved Holiday

Love It Up
Australia’s Most Loved Holiday

Built in collaboration with Circul8 and GoodShape, Love it up is a flash microsite aiming to get users to enter, vote and share their favourite photos from seven categories related to holidays. The client was after something more than just a boring paginated static gallery. So photos were organized into a huge 3d circle where users can navigate by clicking and dragging, use the arrow keys on the keyboard, or simply by clicking the arrow buttons on...