TACRoad to Zero

Road to Zero

The TAC Road to Zero interactive experience is a permanent installation located at Melbourne Museum. It draws upon decades of TAC research and pedagogical practice, and is co-created with practicing teachers. Part of the Victorian Government’s Towards Zero vision, it aims to reduce road trauma in pre-learner drivers by building knowledge and awareness that will empower young road users to make safe decisions. The experience comprises of 10 individual touch points, each highlighting different aspects of road safer. From a technical point of view the experience utilizes a rang of cutting edge and well establishment hardware and software components, these include Oculus VR, Touch Screens, Projection Mapping, Face Mapping, Rotary Encoders and WebGL. Safer Systems A multi scenario, 16 screen array of touch screens and 4K screens for users to interact and make the roads safer. The aim is to improve the road rating system on 4 different scenarios. Each landscape consists of 3D animated road environments and crash scenarios for users to make decisions about road safety. As the user approaches the experience they are presented with four different road environments (City CBA, Outer Suburban, Rural, Suburban). Each environment is displayed on two screens, a touch screen laying at a 10 degree angle which displays a top down orthographic animated view of the road system and a wall mounted screen displaying a backdrop of the environment. Once the user picks an environment they are prompted to activate the experience by tapping their ZeroCard (NFC Card) on the embedded NFC reader. Upon tapping their card the user will be presented with onscreen instructions introducing the experience and informing them...