MazdaVehicle Configurator

Vehicle Configurator

Mazda – Vehicle Configurator In 2016 we were approached by Mazda Australia who were embarking on the creation of a Vehicle Configurator for their complete vehicle range. They were keen to have a real time rendering system to maximize user experience flexibility. As part of our pitch we developed a proof of concept to demonstrate user interaction and the visual fidelity that is achievable within Unreal Engine. Related Projects Credits Pete Shand – Environment and Vehicle Modelling, Texturing and Lighting Michal Moczynski – Vehicle Texturing and...
FordCube Activation

Cube Activation

Ford – Brand Spike Ford Brand Spike is a 5x5x5m interactive LED cube. Four sides of the cube consist of 7.5mm pitch LED tiles. Two of these sides house an interactive Kinect and Audio driven application. The display application was built with Unity and enables participants to interact with 3d objects / particles systems that are shown on the LED wall. One of the challenges when developing this application was ensuring the Kinect’s motion detection didn’t fail in direct sunlight. This was achieved by writing a custom application in the haxe programming language that analyzed the Kinect’s depth sensor data and estimated where the participants head and hands are. During periods where the Kinect is unable to provide adequate information the custom algorithm kicks in. Record & Playback In addition to the main interactive application there is also a video capture app that records when it detects participants interacting with the installation and a playback application that is located on the two non-interactive sides of the...