Telstra Vantageā„¢

  I’ve been involved in the delivery of Vantage for the past four years. It is a huge Telstra B2B event that is held at Melbourne convention centre each year in September. There is a massive amount of work that goes into delivering an event to this scale, but my primary focus has been on: The Digital Canopy. The physical build on this has changed from year to year, but essentially it’s a few massive LED screens that hang in the middle of the event about 6 meters above the floor. They display many different types of content, including event schedule information, videos, photo feeds, social media, weather information, news updates. This is all played through a bespoke digital signage application I first began to develop back in 2014. Theater Screens: These are placed outside each theater and display the upcoming sessions and speaker details and is built on the same system as the Canopy. InfoHubs / Wayfinding: Pretty self explanatory really, these are touch screens which allow users to view an indoor map of the event and search for exhibitors. Telstra Ventures: 2017 saw the introduction of this Kinect and iPad interactive which enabled participants to enter their contact details into an iPad application and then answer a series of questions via a Microsoft Kinect and then have relevant information emailed to them.