GE Ecomagination Innovation Center, Masdar

Making of the ecomagination Center in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
The Feature Table compised of a 3D CNC milled model city which sits atop sixteen 55″ planar screens, and sits between two edge blending projectios and 5 touch screens applications, The touch screen applications sync the various components which work together to tell a sotry around GE products and how they can help companies, cities and even countries be more eco friendly and cost effective.
We partnered with Electric Art and K&A Models to help bring our city to life. Electric Art is an internationally acclaimed retouching studio based in Surry Hills, Sydney. They were responsible for the creating the 3D modeling of the city. K&A Models are model makers based in China. Through the use of CNC milling, they were able to create over 1000 physical models.


Dhani Sutanto – Digital Design John Tantoco – Digital Design David Clarke – Creative Direction Pete Shand – Lead Creative Developer
Tom Byrne – Creative Developer Clint Francis – Creative Developer Michal Moczynski – Support Dev / Testing Chris Green – Support Dev
Jon Rout – Digital Producer Joko Wang – Digital Producer Jo Yates – Motion Digital Producer Chris Dobson – Creative Strategy


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