Just a quick post to demonstrate how to integrate the browsers native scrollbar with a full-page flash movie. Why? Why not… People always go on about how flash and html/javascript work well together, so thought I’d try to create something new that’s flash/javacript related.

Click here to view the example in action. Right clicking anywhere on the page will bring up the flash player context menu, so obviously this is a full-page flash movie. However where this differs from your traditional full-page flash movie is that it will add a native browser scrollbar if the checker box exceeds the height of the browser window. Once the scrollbar appears the user is able to drag the scrollbar up and down and it will adjust the flash content just as you would expect html content to scroll.

So why is this a nice feature to have? Well the browser scrollbar is something everyone is familiar with. Everyone knows that when you see the scrollbar on the right hand side of the browser you can scroll the page. That’s not to say you can’t add additional interaction to the flash movie and update the scrollbar appropriately, I think its always nice to have a few different ways of navigating through a site, whether it be via the keyboard, or various mouse interactions.

Obviously this is just a basic example, but you could really go to town with this. If I had the time I would love to create a Stage3D scene and use the scrollbar to move through it.

You can grab the source here.

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