Haxe Away3d Starling Interoperation Example

A while back I released a sneak peek of haxe away3d starling integration being facilitate with robotlegs and a robotlegs stage3D extension. At the time I couldn’t post the source code, however 7 months on and I’ve finally be able to rework things so all required components are in publicly available haxe libraries.

The following is an example of the haxe version of Starling, Away3D and Robotlegs all playing together. Source code can be found on Github.

This example consists of fours layers:

  • A background starling layer.
  • then an Away3D cube layer.
  • a Starling animated movieclip layer.
  • and finally another Away3D cube layer.

Additionally while not visible in the example above, the example source code also demonstrates how to overlay openfl on top of all stage3D content.

Read more about Starling for Haxe here, Robotlegs for Haxe here and Away3D for Haxe here.


  1. This is so awesome!
    Does it run on mobile targets, native even ?

  2. Cheers.
    It will run for the following targets: Flash, AIR Desktop, AIR Mobile, HTML5
    With a little bit of work it should also run in Native (some starling features missing), however AIR and HTML5 are my main focus as these pretty much cover all bases.

  3. Well, great work.
    I’m going to try and include this in some VR testing with cardboard.
    Yey, there goes the weekend.

  4. Hi the repository is just setup for PC ( bat and hxproj ), would it be possible to provide some notes within your repository on how to build the project from my mac terminal.

  5. Hey @justinfront
    I’m not really using OSX much these days, so I’m afraid I’m not able to give much direction for Mac users. What IDE are you using?

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