Haxe Away3d Starling Interoperation Sneak Peek

NOTE: updated post can be viewed here.

The following is a sneak peek of the haxe version of Starling, Away3D and Robotlegs all playing together.
This example consists of fours layers:

  • a background starling layer.
  • then an Away3D cube layer.
  • a Starling animated movieclip layer.
  • and finally another Away3D cube layer.

Source code will be made available once dependency libraries are publicly available. (mainly Robotlegs extensions).

Read more about Starling for Haxe here and Away3D for Haxe here


  1. This looks great!

    Do you make use of a low level rendering layer, like phoenix or pixie.js, or do you have your own rendering code?

  2. Both haxe-starling and away3d are based on openfl and lime. There are a lot of new low level rendering engines coming out that all sound pretty interesting, but I have to admit I have a number of concerns. Mainly the fact that they are typically non-compatible with each other so they inherently divide the already small haxe community. When I started the Starling port openfl seems to have the largest user base, so that’s why I decided to go down that path.

    Phoenix/Ember sounds pretty interesting, however as far as I can tell it doesn’t support flash/air so you lose a whole lot of alternative ways to target Windows, Mac, Android and iOS via AIR, which for some people isn’t a big deal, but it you’re an AIR dev looking at slowly migrating code bases this is usually a deal breaker.

    I have to admit Pixi.js is pretty awesome and really fast, but it’s html5 only, so I’d never consider using it as a rendering base.

    Kha is also another low level rendering base that seems to have a lot of potential. The number of target platforms is pretty impressive.


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