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GearVR (Oculus Mobile) running in Adobe AIR

This is a quick recording showing the 360 video example included in the GearVR (Oculus Mobile) SDK running within the Adobe AIR running on a Samsung Note 4.

I don’t show moving around the 360 video in this recording, however that is simply because it only works once it is in the headset and would be harder to video, but I can assure you it works exactly the same as the c++ demo supplied with the SDK.

This essentially demonstrates c++ code running within an Android Java wrapper, which is running within an AIR wrapper. When I first started thinking about trying to get this working I didn’t think it would actually be possible, but after a few days of playing around I finally got it working and I seriously surprised myself. The performance is amazing.

A general GearVR ANE is in the works, but I have no details on when this will be publicly available.


  1. ohhh cool ! are you using the video texture feature ?

  2. I assume the gearANE is not in the works and the flash virtual machine is not going to be used for VR

  3. We’re currently not pursuing a GearVR ANE, however that being said if a project comes in at my work that requires this we most likely will create one.

  4. Can you please share the code! I’m interested to work on a GearVR ANE.

  5. I need a ANE for the new gear vr sdk. Do you have the interest and time to invest in it I am willing to sponsor it’s development if you open source or pay for a proprietary ane. Regards Radu

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