A while back I wrote a post on a few as3 classes I wrote that would hook into googles text to speech engine (you can view the original post here). Unfortunately there was a few problems with the way it worked, first and foremost not all browsers handled the cross domain sound request the same, as in IE/Chrome bitched about cross domain policy files. secondly there were some issues around using special characters (non english character sets)

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I wasn’t using these classes in any commercial projects, so sadly these issues were never investigated, well that is until a chap by the name of Daniel Kazmer needed this type of functionality in one of his projects, I suggested looking into a proxy for the cross domain issues and that’s just what he did.

Click here to download the as3 text to speech classes as well as the proxy file Dan created (Note you’ll need php and curl installed to take advantage of the proxy).

While this is a step in the right direction it turns out there are still some issues surrounding special characters, but regardless thanks for your input Dan!