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Hey there, my name is Pete Shand, I’m a freelance interactive developer / tech director, specializing in experiential installations. I am passionate, even approaching obsessive with everything digital, from the interwebs all the way through to mobile, desktop apps, VR and AR. I love a challenge and have a propensity for projects that combine the latest technology with beautiful design and UX. If you’re interested in working together get in touch.


• Project Architecture
• Tech Risk Assessment
• Stack Consolidation
• Continuous Integration
• Continuous Deployment
• Product Development
• Client Facing / Communicate tech subject matter in a straightforward way.
• Haxe, C#, AS3, TypeScript, JS/ES6, Node, Java
• Unreal & Unity3D
• 3D Modeling, Texturing
• Motion Graphics, Video Editing
• User Experience
• Graphic Design, Photoshop, Photography

WebGL self portrait

2012 Showreel

This video features projects produced by Peter J Shand during 2012 and were created in collaboration with RESN, Circul8 and Imagination. The projects all use Flash 11 stage3d technology, enabling full 1080p 60fps rendering. A big thank you goes to the many contributors of the Away3d and Starling frameworks.

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Work History 2006-2017

Gun For Hire

Creative Developer (present)

Grumpy Sailor is an agile, creative laboratory experimenting with digital technology and storytelling.

Imagination is an independent, creative communications agency that transforms business through creativity.

RESN is in internationally recognized interactive production house, their work is regularly featured on FWA and is of a very high standard.

Circul8 is a social media agency with a focus for innovative and integrated social media campaigns. Pete has a long history creating valued and respected work with these guys. Typically this work has involved flash and html / javascript development.


Technical Director (2014-2017)

After working a string of mind-blowing projects at Imagination as a contractor I decided to join the company on a permanent basis and built the development team around the Imagination’s unique experiential business requirements. During this time we have built numerous experiential activations ranging from touch screen applications, mobile applications, ticketing systems, digital signage platforms and VR/MR applicationsImagination’s clients include: CBA, Telstra, GE, Ford, Samsung, Lendlease

Razorfish London

Senior Flash Designer/Developer (2010-2011)

Pete’s core responsibilities at Razorfish involved the design and development of online advertising campaigns. A large proportion of these campaigns where centered around rich and standard banners, but also frequently involved microsites, motion graphics and games. Working at Razorfish was a great experience and offered a great opportunity to work with high profile brands.

Razorfish clients included: Mcdonalds, Audi, Blackberry, Microsoft, EDF Energy, Lastminute.com and NSPCC.


Designer / Flash Developer (2006-2009)

Pete began working at I.D.Studios as a graphic designer. His core responsibilities involved the designing or enhancement of existing Micro-sites, Banner adds and Mail-out campaigns. However he quickly became the flash go to guy after demonstrating his versatile & conversant skill-set (design, animation and development). His core responsibilities shifted to developing, deploying, delegating and testing new and existing micro-sites, video players and other campaign content.

Education 2003-2005

Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design

Pete obtained this degree from the University of Waikato in 2005. This degree is a specialist three-year degree which combines visual art, creativity, lateral thinking, problem solving and has a focus on new technology.

Academic Record

Grade Averages

Year 1: A-

Year 2: A

Year 3: A-

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Course Coordinator Reference


The Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship

This Programme includes a full tuition waiver and aims to enable the achievement of all-round excellence. Above all, it recognizes the importance of balance in fostering the development of future leaders and successful careers.Golden Key International Honour

An international organization, committed to recognizing academic achievement (membership extended to top 15%).

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